Friday, 4 February 2011

Belated xmas work do/leaving do.

Jason's of Mayfield xmas work bash, held at the Wok Inn near Ringmer. It was a great night, with good company, great food and some funny moments. Liam my son has been working here for about five years and has just left to persue a career as a Junior Dealer at GFT to it was his leaving do combined with Emily's, who is going to Spain for six months to travel and learn the lingo.

Opps less wine maybe?

Me, taken by my son Liam.

It's all mine!! The Boss

Sunday, 16 January 2011

When the snow came to town

I tend to find doing street photography is easier in the village when there's snow, the community spirit comes out in nearly everyone and most people I think expect that there are going to be a few photographers about just because it's snowing, well that's my theory. Click on a photo to see it in large.

Arrived at work wednesday morning to find all the butchers clearing the paths. Which then led to a snowball fight between the Butchers, the Estate Agent and Terry from the Greengrocers.

 The Barber

Lovely old Roy talking to the Estate agent, Roy is very talented when it comes to stage set construction, infact anything to do with wood.

 The Receptionist.

 The Estate Agent.

 The Vicar's wife Liz.

 End of my road.



Best way to travel.


Now I have never seen this before, makes a change from a Robin I suppose.

Thank goodness the winter Pimms was lovely.

Ray a neighbour.

Very aptly named Digger my next door neighbour. As soon as any snow arrives Digger is out clearing his drive, was his homemade snow scoop.

Now I can't have a series of photos without Mr Poo being in front of me, as i'm always playing catch up.

If you look closely you can see Elliotts bum.

 This is what happens when you go on a long walk and crack open the homemade Sloe Gin.

 The Postmaster on late night shopping night, my god was it cold that night, even with the tops up of mulled wine and ginger wine, it still took me about an hour to thaw out once I got home.

Mr Poo on the floor after a snowball attack and once on the ground he was then mobbed by the dogs, very funny at the time.

Ok thats it for now folks, thats my life hope you enjoyed.